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bullet Cash Gifts
This is a simple and convenient way to participate. All such gifts qualify for income tax deductibility subject to IRS regulations.
bullet Appreciated Property
Gifts of appreciated securities and real property may provide tax advantages to the donor.
bullet Bequests
The SCCF may be named as a residual beneficiary of wills, charitable trusts and annuities. Under these plans, when the donorís or beneficiaryís life interest is terminated, the gift assets will be distributed as directed by the will or trust document.
bullet Charitable Lead Trusts
Allows the initial beneficiary to be the SCCF. At a specific time, the Foundationís interest ends and the trust transfers to one or more individuals, i.e. children or grandchildren.
bullet Life Insurance
Donors may make the SCCF the beneficiary of a previously existing or new life insurance policy. Insurance donations are subject to IRS and state insurance regulations.
bullet Foundations
Private foundations may make a direct transfer of assets to SCCF to establish a fund which retains the name and purpose of the transferring foundation.